Callie Ann Hensley - Texas artist Tees for Texas True Threads

Callie Ann Hensley - Texas artist Tees for Texas True Threads

Posted by Texas True Crew on Jan 15th 2019

New Art Tees begin a collaboration with Native Texas Artist Callie Ann Hensley 

These three design releases, Casa del AmorBurro and Native Cactus Patch are actually reproductions of original southwestern artwork by an artist from the Texas Panhandle. But there is a whole lineup in the works. And the story of the partnership is as heartwarming as the art itself.  

Donate a piece of art and get a line of Tees?

Credit the Spearman, TX Art Walk. Callie donates a couple pieces of her art work to auction off. Macy, from Texas True Threads buys one and hangs it in her house. Mendy, the owner, announces she wants to do a tee with an adobe style to it. Macy shows Mendy the art of the Mission church who falls in love...and voila...Callie Ann gets a call out of the blue. But in order to reproduce the art and keep their vibrance, a whole new special printing process had to be created. 

The Mission with a Mission

"I don't who decided to name it Casa del Amor, House of Love, but it fits so perfectly with what I'm trying to do. I just use painting as a vehicle to love on people. Everything I all about showing love for people and love for God," says Callie Ann.

Folk Art can go on anything...not just a Canvas

People start requesting little paintings for flea markets. In fact, her friend specifically wanted some donkeys to put in Round Top. So in the fun spirit of vintage, Callie put the original Donkey painting on a rustic corrugated tin. Which is why you'll see the burro tee on a grey tshirt - to mimic the dull silver of the original metal. 

Local hearts Local.

While Callie now lives in the Hill County, both she and her parents grew up in the panhandle town of Spearman. Her sister still lives there. It's also where Texas True Threads headquarters are located. "In my's home," she says. There's nothing better for us as a company than supporting the talents of our hometown and fellow Texans. We love Callie Ann's artwork first and foremost, but to know she's a gal with local roots makes makes it all the sweeter. It's really a cycle that just keeps giving. 

See the entire Callie Ann Hensley art tee collection - which includes Native American Teepees, Indian Arrowheads, Mexican Folk Art flowers and lots of cactus!  Keep watching....her graphic tee collection keeps growing!

About Callie Ann Hensley

Find this Native Texas Artist at Water Street Studios in the Hill Country of Kerrville, TX. But know half her heart lives in the Texas panhandle where her family is and she grew up. Her style is fun spirited southwestern folk art which is more of a vehicle to bring people together rather than be taken too seriously. Want to make one of your own? Go to one of her many painting parties. Look for Callie Ann all around Texas and online at

Instagram @CallieAnnHensleyArt

Facebook @Callie Ann Hensley