New Boutique Who Wants to Buy Texas True Threads Wholesale?

Posted by Texas True Crew on Apr 20th 2018

Yay! We can’t wait to meet you! First thing we need to do?

Check Your Zip Code 

Why? We protect selling territory by zip code. We promise you, that’s a good thing. Because if your store’s zip code is open and you place regular orders with us, no one else in that zip code can sell the Texas True Threads line. It protects your business and ours.


to get your store’s zip checked. Allow us up to three days to get back to you.


 1. Place your first order online

Your first order will get you into the system and unlock all the ways to order from us. Keep your zip code protection by placing orders for 2+ designs a month.

We’ll Assign a Rep After Your First Order

We’re all about the personal service around here. Your rep, aka your new buddy, will take extra good care of your boutique. Reach out anytime!

2. We'll add you to our private Facebook Wholesale Group

We’re a pretty active group, offering limited weekly Ready-to-Ship (RTS) t-shirt packs, giveaways, social post ideas, new design reveals and the community of other boutique owners. But you'll need a rep to tag first, and to get a rep, you'll need to place your first order.

3. We'll add you to our private Inventory Exchange group

Need a one off shirt to fulfill a customer's request? Have extras you need to move? We set this group up so boutiques can help each other out.

4. Read our Emails and Texts 

We auto subscribe you when you are approved. Of course you can always opt out, but why would you want to miss scoop?

5. Order online anytime

You will now be able to login and place orders. But want a design on a different tee or custom made? Just ask your rep!

We’re humbled you're interested in joining our family. It’s our great pleasure to work with you from our hometown of Spearman, Texas. Here’s to years together!