Social Boost - Get Texas True co-op dollars to advertise on Social Media

Social Boost - Get Texas True co-op dollars to advertise on Social Media

Posted by Texas True Crew on Sep 6th 2018

Get $50 of advertising when you feature Texas True Thread Tees*

Advertise on social and you sell more, gain more customers who fall in love with our tees and grow your biz. You buy more tees. We all win! Yay us!!!

Here's the deal:

1. Spend $50+ on advertising or boosting on social (Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, You Tube)

2. Feature any Texas True Threads tee(s)

3. Snap a screenshot and email in the proof

4. Get a $50 web credit on your next order


1. Approved Wholesale account in good standing who orders 2+ designs a month (minimum for zip code protection)

2. Feature only Texas True Threads tees - but feel free to pair with other items from your boutique like kimonos, jewelry, bottoms, etc. We'd love it if you wanted to mention or tag us. 

3. Spend $50 in social advertising by Sept. 31, 2018

4. Submit a screenshot of your completed ad/boost AND promo results by October 15, 2018 to

5. Get a web credit of $50 for your next order to be used by the end of 2018.

Are you already doing social advertising? Well then, you know how great it works. Use this credit for extra gains, or add in an extra format.

If you haven't done much social're in for a treat! Feature one of our most popular designs (patch pumpkin, windmill, or sports tees and draw in new friends that could become lifetime customers.

Our Tips for Social Media Advertising on FB or Instagram:

  1. Use Ad Manager to Boost Posts or Create Ads. It's a bit more involved but gives you better control.
  2. Use Purchases/Conversions as the goal for online or Clicks/Traffic for in-store visits
  3. Limit your placements to FB & InstaFeeds and messenger
  4. Best formats are single image, video, or a collection, however collections can only be used for Facebook mobile and Instagram feeds 
  5. Video works! But get your most important idea into the first 5 seconds
  6. For new customers, the more defined your audience the better (age span of 15 yrs, tight area, specific interests)
  7. Retarget people who have engaged with your website or pages in a separate campaign
  8. The less text the better (none on the photo)
  9. Tell the viewer what you want them to do (Shop Now, Visit Today Save Now, Pre-order now, Comment Sold below, etc.)

We did a really geeky walkthrough of how to create a retargeting / collection ad through the Facebook manager through a Facebook live. Not gonna lie, it's not high entertainment, but if you're stuck we hope it helps.


Q: Can we include other items in the picture from our shop?

A: Yes, as long as they aren’t other tee brands. Feel free to use accessories, bottoms, and outerwear.

Q: Can I spend more than $50?

A: Sure, but the credit will only be for a max of $50.

Q: How do I take a screenshot?

Mac - Shift+Command+4

PC - Alt + Print Screen

Phone: Hold the menu button and power button at the same time

Q: Does the $50 have to be spend all on one ad?

A: long as you show proof and they all feature Texas True Thread tees, you can do several ads that add up fo $50. Or say you only spend $20 on an ad, then we'll give you a $20 credit.

Q: Why are you offering this credit?

A: We are partners. We love to help boutiques grow and we're grateful that our tees often help boutiques increase their sales. And we know advertising will help your get the attention you deserve. You've been loyal to us and we'd like to thank you for your support. But let's be honest, it's always good to have more people see our tees. And when you sell more, your order more. And that's just good business for all of us. 

Q: Can I use the credit for an order through a rep?

A: No. Once you email the ad proof to by 10/15/18 we'll reply with a code that is just for you. Use it anytime before the end of the year, which will be easy because...holidays!