You're approved. Now what? Keep your zip code protection

You're approved. Now what? Keep your zip code protection

Posted by Texas True Crew on Sep 28th 2018

Now that you are approved, do this next. 

Steps to keeping your zip code exclusivity and other basic rules.

We feel like the boutiques who sell our tees are family. And we’re fiercely protective of our family. We’ll go to great strides to make sure you are the only shop selling Texas True Threads in your zip.  We just ask a few things to maintain our great relationship and to be fair to all.

1. Get your first online order in fast 

We look up your zip and it’s open. For now. But without an order to secure, if someone else inquires about the zip, it looks open to us. We grant protection to the boutique who orders first. Once you place your first order online, you also get a rep and added to our Facebook Wholesale group!

2. Order 2+ designs a month 

 With a low minimum of 8 per design, that will be really easy. This is really the key to keeping other stores also getting to buy.

3. Use Keystone pricing 

That means a minimum of double wholesale cost.

4. Give us two weeks to ship 

We hand print or press each and every tee. So especially for the multi-color tees, it takes some time. Now…do we try to get it out sooner? Heck, yes! And we often do! But expect 2 weeks plus ship time just to be safe.

Note: We do keep 3 designs in stock and ready to ship immediately, and offer Ready To Ship packs on the Facebook wholesale group weekly.

5. Sell only in the zip code you requested (except online)

If you open another store or move, get that zip cleared, too. The zip that counts is the zip it is sold in, instead of the ship-to address.

6.Steer clear of imitations 

It may be flattering to get our designs ripped off, but the fakes hurt all of us. Sometimes overseas they take our layflat and call it their own, but their actual tshirts aren’t even close to the same quality. Please don’t support them. Feel free to comment who the design really belongs to!

Other good to knows:

1. Who's your rep?

You'll be assigned a rep after you place your first order online. If you just can’t remember who they are, look in Facebook messages (check message requests and filtered messages) .

2. You'll need a rep to order on the Facebook Wholesale group

Tag your rep for Facebook Wholesale Group orders and the weekly RTS (ready to ship) pack auctions. 

Schedules are sent on Tuesdays through email and as an event on the FB group. Tip…they sell out fast, so get there early. Once packs are sold out, simply order the size run you want (FB or Website). 

3. Need to buy or sell just a tee or two? 

The inventory exchange Facebook group is the place to ask your fellow boutiques.

4. Don’t have a rep and need custom? 

Email Otherwise, place your first order online to get a rep.

5. Our designs can be put on different tshirt bodies 

Change the color, sleeve length, neck shape, or team name. The choices are practically endless. Some alterations may require a higher minimum. fAsk your rep or email

6. For a state tee not yet offered in your state

We can create it for a 50 quantity minimum (shape) or 20 (type only). Feel free to get with other boutiques in the state shape you want.

7. Your rep is taken care of!

Your rep gets credit if you order online, too! So feel good about your orders wherever you place them.