2023 Updated Policies

In light of changing times, through careful consideration and a great amount of customer feedback, our team at Texas True Threads has updated our wholesale policies and terms.  These are in effect as of January 1, 2023. Change is necessary for various reasons. We strive to not only do what’s best currently for Texas True Threads, but even more so continue to help your business’s thrive and help customers through this trying economy. You have spoken; we have listened; and transparency is so important to us! We appreciate your feedback and honesty more than you’ll ever know. 

Please observe the following changes:

  • Zip code restrictions have been lifted. We realize this will be the most controversial change, and we are happy to visit more about this and answer any questions you may have. It’s a business decision we have not taken lightly!
  • Purchase requirements: 6 piece MOQ online, as well as Facebook orders through reps. The change to the 6 minimum has been updated and made live on our website now, as well. Texas True Trends jewelry will require a minimum purchase of 3 pieces per style.
  • Reorders/restocks: you can now restock a design within 30 days of your original order with a MOQ of 4 pieces. This smaller quantity restock will have to be an email or direct contact with your rep. Our website code is not designed to accept orders less than 6. Please note designs will occasionally discontinued. Thank you for your understanding on this.
  • MRP requirements: All items purchased from TTT will be a 100% markup— no exclusions. If you are found selling for less than the required MRP, you will be contacted by a TTT representative. If a customer is found not following seller guidelines again, further action will be taken, and the customer will be removed. After 60 days, items may be marked down at your discretion. Note: the 60 days required prior to mark down does not include seasonal items. We realize those timeframes are shorter. Each piece of Texas True Trends Jewelry possesses a separate MRP (minimum retail price). This is stated in its online description.

We will get through this together if we continue to work together. We fully believe in the “Community Over Competition” mindset. Please bare with us as we navigate these changes. Do not hesitate to reach out to your rep with questions or concerns. You can also send feedback or questions to jess@staytexastrue.com, and we will reply as quickly as possible. We pray blessings over you and your boutique in 2023!

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